Tamworth Reliant Gathering

Reliant Owners Club Reliant Gathering

The Reliant Gathering is organised by the Reliant Owners Club and is a yearly event which coincides with Tamworths heritage weekend.

The gathering is a car show open to any reliant owner, anyone is welcome to attend if they wish.

September is when the event is carried out and it usually takes place in the church square in the center of tamworth.

Attendance is usually 40+ and has a mixture of all models including, regals, robins, foxes, kittens and scimitars.

This years show is on the 9th of September 2018, St Editha's Church Square

Tamworth B79 7BX

If you want to attend this year or want anymore information you can contact Kirsty Payne on 07526 911956.

Fancy making a weekend of it?

Many members like to stay from friday until monday, the gathering takes place all of sunday

Camping is organised by Kirsty Payne 07526911956

Camping takes place at Cliff Lakes: Tamworth Road, Tamworth B78 2DL


We also after the gathering on sunday as a group travel to Scimitar park which is the housing estate that is built on the Two Gates Reliant Factory